Your Book Will Sell By Emeka Nobis: A Detailed Review

Your book will sell by Emeka Nobis is the best book marketing course you can lay your hands on

If you’re an author who wants to sell multiple copies of your book and become a real bestseller, then this might be the most helpful post you’ll read this year.

Your Book Will Sell by Emeka Nobis will help you become a celebrated author.

Not just that, you’ll also make lots of money using tested and proven book marketing strategies that you never taught existed.

In 2020, I saw a post by Emeka Nobis where he talked about his new book, titled “Your Book Will Sell: What To Do To Make Your Published Book Sell And Make Lots of Money For You”

The deal was to teach the strategies that will help you sell at least 1000 copies of your book especially if you’ve been struggling to sell your hardcopy books.

Instantly, I made up mind that I was going to buy the book.

Why I Decided to Pay For Your Book Will Sell (YBWS)

3 main reasons accounted for my decision to by the book:

1. Emeka Nobis is one of the few business coaches whom I respect a lot. I’ve been following him for some time and I know for sure that he knows his stuff.

Picture of Emeka Nobis, the creator of Your book will sell

2. I was already planning to launch my own book. At that time, I had begun rolling out my pre-sell content.

But I had to pause a bit so I could learn from the Don himself before launching. After all, all I want is to sell many copies of my book.

Now here’s a confession.

After reading the book, I was able to sell over 100 copies of my book in the first 10 days of launching using free traffic.

3. The offer was irresistible. Getting the book would give me access to a private academy where I would learn from amazing business coaches and strategists.

After getting all the details, I told myself that I’d be crazy if I let the opportunity slide.

So, I paid and got access to the private group.

And on July 6th, we had our first session which set the tone for the entire mastermind.

Is “Your Book Will Sell” By Emeka Nobis Worth The Hype?

Before I go into details of what I (and other members of the academy) have gained so far, I’ll like to make a confession.

The confession is that although I paid just a token for both the book and access to the academy, I know for sure that if I were to quantify the total value, it would be at least ₦1million.

This is no hype. Believe me when I say this.

How much would you pay ay of the following people to learn their secret strategies for just an hour?

  • Steve Harris
  • Victor Ekpo Bassey
  • Paul Foh
  • Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
  • Wendy Ologe
  • Deji ‘DJ’ Sobanjo
  • Nonso Czar Anikulapo
  • Naomi Osemedua
  • Coach Sam Obafemi

If not for limited space, I would have listed all of their names.

There are about 24 experts in there and what they teach are more than just bookselling/marketing strategies. 

The entire package is like a mini-MBA!

These are people who charge heavily for coaching but gave an average of 60 minutes of top-notch content without holding anything back.

Also, they answered all the questions we threw at them with dexterity and poise.

If you thought that one session was the best, you needed to wait until the next one to find out that it was equally as good as the previous ones.

My Personal Experience With Emeka Nobis Your Book Will Sell

Personally, I consider this the best money I’ve ever spent to acquire business knowledge.

Furthermore, how Emeka Nobis managed to bring all of these experts to teach his audience for free (well, so it seems to me) is a topic for another day.

They all showed up for their individual sessions and we’re all punctual.

The entire arrangement was phenomenal. It was characterized by mutual respect & love, as well as a sincere attempt to help one another.

Now, you have the opportunity to get all the videos recording including other resourceful videos Emeka put together when you join the academy.

Another thing that I’ve noticed, so far, is Emeka’s humility. 

He was always with his note, jotting down stuff like a newbie, although he was very familiar with most of the strategies that were being taught. 

He would chip in important points and share his thoughts where necessary during the live classes.

Honestly, I feel like this is Emeka’s way of doing a giveaway. Or maybe it’s a form of Thanksgiving for clocking 40 last year.

On behalf of all the students, I say “thank you for your magnanimity.”

If you’re wondering why I’m writing this lengthy epistle, it’s because I want you to also take advantage of a massive discount that’s currently ongoing and also grab the opportunity to learn from the best.

What’s Inside The “Your Book Will Sell” Academy?

Your book will sell

After concluding the course and getting about 700 pre-orders of the book over a 30 day period, Emeka Nobis decided to convert the entire video sessions with the experts into a full-fledged course.

Now, you can take advantage of all that knowledge and apply them to sell your book effortlessly.

So when you sign up to join the academy, you’ll have instant access t the following:

  1. Join the private Facebook mastermind for the academy members.
  2. Access to over 40 videos and other useful resources.
  3. A copy of the book Your Book Will Sell + free delivery.
  4. Access to become an academy affiliate (Affiliates are paid 50% commission)
  5. Access to the Telegram support group for affiliates.

What You Will Learn From The YBWS Academy

1: Mess Your Design, Damage Your Book – 1 lecture

2: Book Planning & Marketing – 1 lecture

3: Riding On Trends & Tribal Leadership – 2 Lectures

4: How To Seduce People Using Compelling Copywriting – 1 lecture

5: How To Sell 3000 copies Of Your Fictional Book – 1 lecture

6: Leveraging On Distribution Outlets To Sell Thousands Of Your Books – 1 lecture

7: Sell While Sleeping – 1 lecture

8: Become An Amazon Bestseller – 1 lecture

9: Getting Radio & TV Gigs To Showcase Your Book – 1 lecture

10: How To Make 1 Million Monthly From A Single Book – 1 lecture

11: Sell Your Book Using The Watermelon Techniques – 1 lecture

12: How To Build A Community For Your Books – 1 lecture

13: Livestreaming Your Way To Riches – 1 lecture

14: Community Mastery For Authors – 1 lecture

15: How To Use The Skill Of Public Speaking To Make Profits – 1 lecture

16: The N1000 eBook: Roadmap To Your First Million In 60 Days – 1 lecture

17: Personal Branding For Author – 1 lecture

18: How I Made N45 Million From My Books – 1 lecture

19: Mastering The Selling Game – 1 lecture

20: Facebook Ads For Book Marketing – 1 lecture

21: From A Newbie To A Highly Paid Author – 1 lecture

22: How To Sell Poetry – 1 lecture

23: How To Profit With YouTube – 1 lecture

24: Leveraging On Awards For Fame, Influence, and Money – 1 lecture

25: The Thing About Book Titles – 1 lecture

26: Marketing Conversations and Sales – 1 lecture

27: Leveraging Influencers – 1 lecture

28: Utilizing The Power Of Community – 1 lecture

29: How To Turn Your Book Into Multiple Paying Points – 1 lecture

30: Asking Is A Marketing Strategy – 1 Lecture

31: The Strategy Of Follow Up – 1 Lecture

32: Use Tech And Effizy To Raise Profit – 1 Lecture

33: Execute Unusual Thoughts – 1 lecture

34: How To Serve The Flesh Of Humans – 1 Lecture

35: How To Get Onlookers To Buy Your Book – 1 Lecture

36: Grab As Much As You Can – 1 lecture

37: Tap Into The Seasons – 1 lecture

Why You Should Invest In YBWS Academy

A lady getting inspired by the book, Your book will sell

You know, it could actually be painful when you spend an exorbitant amount to print books, and nobody buys.

I’ve been there before.

Most times, authors end up giving away their books as souvenirs because they can’t find buyers.

Selling a hardcopy book isn’t that easy especially of newbies.

But with the right strategies, the likes of which you’ll learn in the academy, you’ll see how easy selling a book actually is.

In this course, you’ll discover the exact strategies top authors and thought leaders employ to rack up sales for their books.

“This academy of 25 master trainers will expose you to badass, practical, and result-oriented strategies, ideas, and tips that will help you market your published book so that you can make lots of money from it.”

This is your opportunity to get it right especially if you want to publish a book and make good money from sales revenue.

How To Buy Your Book Will Sell (Academy) Course By Emeka Nobis

All you need to enrol in this course is by simply requesting to join the academy here.

When you do, you will be sent the link to create your user dashboard. Once created, you will be able to access al the videos.

Don’t forget that by joining the academy, you’ll be sent the hardcopy of the book for free.

If you’re lucky to take up this deal before it expires, I’m sure you’ll come back to thank me.

This is my little way of helping you crush 2021 like a BOSS.

Want to go from an unknown and broke author to a multiple bestseller and rich author? Click this link now to get the course.

I wish you all the best.

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